As riding in winter is often cold and wet it is important to follow these guidelines...

Bike maintenance


Personal kit

Carry enough food and drink for yourself.
Dress appropriately for the weather i.e. don’t forget gloves, hat, waterproof etc.

To help ride leaders plan routes with a variety of destinations please refer to the café lists. This will help people get to know a wider area of quieter roads.

  • Full mudguards with mudflaps are the number 1 priority – if your bike doesn’t have clearance for full mudguards, many of our members recommend SKS Raceblade LONG. Standard Raceblades or similar clip on blades don't really cut it. This is as much for your own comfort as the riders around you.
  • Mudguard rule applies to all rides From October to March.

  • Front and back lights (not essential but strongly advised).

  • Spare inner tubes, tyre levers and pump. 

  • Bike to be in good working order. It’s worth cleaning and checking your machine after every ride especially brakes, chain, gears and wheels. It’s definitely worth checking your tyres for cuts, thorns etc. ​