We organise lots of rides throughout the year as listed on the club rides page. We have some regular weekly, monthly and seasonal rides and also other rides organised on an ad-hoc basis by our members, keep in touch with https://www.facebook.com/groups/properbikeshopcyclingclub/ for more info.

All of our rides are dependent on members being able to lead them so please volunteer to organise a ride if you can. Anyone wanting to do a faster ride or specific training is encouraged to organise a ride by adding it to the rides list.

To find out which rides would be suitable for you, please read the guide below. We recommend you start with the easiest ride and work your way up so that you avoid going on a ride that's too fast for you and getting discouraged.

All of our rides assume you have some road cycling experience and that you have the equipment and skills needed to fix a puncture if you get one. 

Please read our 
Ride Guidelines before joining us for a ride.

* Speeds given below are based on a flat 30 mile course


 Level or intensity  Ave. MPH Aimed at... Rides
1 <15

Novice cyclists who already have cycling experience but want

to start riding with the club and need to gain experience of good group riding skills.

These are the EASIEST of the LifeCycles rides and go
at the pace of the slowest rider. The group will wait for anyone who gets a puncture.

Social ride with café stop included.

If you have never ridden a bike before, or you've ridden a bike but
not yet ridden on the roads before then we recommend you gain some experience before attending a LifeCycles Club ride.

Saturday Social C Ride: 25-40 miles
There will be a short briefing at the start of the ride, but please ask any questions if you are unsure of anything. 

Women’s rides: aimed at encouraging women riders. Generally 
around 3 hours including some hills. Pace varies depending on the ride leader and who turns up but it’s usually level 2 
intermediate to level 3 experienced.Other members are 
welcome to come along but the focus is on encouraging more women to try cycling in a non competitive environment.

2 14-18

Cyclists who can comfortably:

Ride at 16 - 18mph without a stop or can finish a level A novice ride  / ride at 15mph* but wants to try 
something more challenging

Tuesday/Thursday night training rides: 30-45 miles without a cafe stop

Sunday Training Ride (50-80 miles):
Generally between 50-80 miles but vary in distance and terrain.

There may be a cafe stop but it depends on the ride leader/who comes out. If you're not sure if you will be able to keep a steady pace, it might be worth trying one of the easier rides first.

The pace on these rides varies depending on who turns up.

3 18-20

Usually racers or experienced cyclists who can comfortably ride above 18mph*.

These are tough training rides and the speeds vary. The group will not wait for anyone who is dropped / gets a puncture.


It is accepted that some riders will not be able to keep up the 1st time but each time they try the ride they'll keep up for longer and longer as they get fitter until eventually they can complete the training ride with the group.

Sunday Smash (60-120 miles):

Generally around 100 miles, may be less if the route is particularly hilly. There will only be a stop to refill bottles or for convenience breaks. Generally those that are fitter / stronger / quicker and may be on a time limit will attend this ride. Only have proper cafe stops on the very long very hard rides - please see the event info for details.


Race Training:

For those looking for a competitive edge, we run ad hoc race training sessions. Check out Facebook, twitter, and the shop noticeboard for more info and updates



We do not currently run a chain gang but we are in the process of devising a new route starting from the shop on a Wednesday night.

Watch this space!!