Used Bike Warranty

Used Bike Warranty

All of our reconditioned preloved bikes are sold with a 3-month warranty as standard, to give you added peace of mind when making a purchase. Any new parts fitted during the servicing process are covered by the manufacturers 12-month warranty - you will be provided with information of all new parts installed on your reconditioned bike.

Here are details about what's covered by the warranty:


  • ​Any mechanical issue that may arise with the bike or any of its components
  • Any parts that are required to fix any of the issues
  • All labour required to get the bike back to full working order

Not Covered:

  • Any problems that arise as part of general wear and tear (eg, tyres, punctures, bearings, bottom bracket, headset bearings, grips etc)

  • Chains and cassettes do wear out with use - please bear this in mind

  • Any problems that arise due to incorrect assembly. Common issues which are not covered, include: cross threaded stem or handlebar bolts; pedals shearing off due to incorrect pedal installation, cross threading or over tightening; issues arising from loose wheel nuts or wheel quick releases. If you are not sure how to properly assemble your bike please contact us or seek the services of a bicycle mechanic.

  • Any issues that arise from misuse or poor treatment of the bike
  • Any electrical components that the bike may have come with
  • Electric bikes batteries are not covered by warranty, and electric bike motors are only covered by manufacturer warranty


  • The warranty is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase

  • The bike must be returned to us at Proper Bike Shop for any work covered by the warranty to be completed by us

  • Any work completed by a third party will not be covered on the warranty, unless previously agreed in writing. We do not reimburse any work under any circumstances, unless expressly agreed in writing in advance for the work to be carried out and agreement on the total cost of repairs.

  • If for any reason we cannot get the bike back to full working order, then a full refund or suitable replacement will be provided

  • If you have bought your used bike online, the Used Bike Warranty is only valid if your bike has been built by a professional bicycle mechanic or bike shop