Brand-X Ascend XL Dropper Seatpost (170 and 200mm)


Building on the success of the Ascend 01, Brand- X now offer a longer travel option. The additional travel is ideal for long legged riders or for those who need more adjustment. 

The post carries over the reliability and core qualities of the Ascend 01. Infinitely smoove adjustment and incredible value for money makes the Ascend XL the trend setter amongst the dropper post market.

The Ascend Seatpost is only compatible with bikes that can use an internally routed dropper. (Please note that it cannot be converted to external cable actuated.)The seatpost is cable actuated at the bottom of the post via a linkage mechanism which eliminates cable pull/movement, to ensure consistent performance time and time again.

The ergonomic shifter style remote lever is designed to be run where your front shifter would normally sit. This means that the Ascend Dropper is ideally suited for those using a 1x chain ring set up; without a front derailleur. However, a paddle style shifter is available aftermarket for those who want to use the Ascend dropper post with a front derailleur and shifter.

The Ascend Dropper seatpost sets new standards for reliability and performance at a fantastic price point.

Top Features:

  • Material: AL7075-T651; Finish: Sand Blasted and Hard Anodised Black
  • Bar mounted shifter style remote lever and Cable operated internal routing
  • Linkage mechanism eliminates any outer cable pull
  • Zero Offset one piece head/upper shaft with micro adjust clamp
  • Diameter: 30.9mm or 31.6mm; Length: 498mm; Travel: 170mm
  • Rider Weight: Min: 50-55kg; Max: 120kg
  • Weight (31.6mm- exc cable and shifter): 595g
  • Cable Length: 1.5m
  • 2 Year Warranty

Product Data

  • Remote Adjuster: Yes
  • Dropper: Yes

Minimum Insertion Length Information

Size                               Minimum Insertion Length        Minimum Insertion Length

                                                                                            including the actuator (mm)

31.6mm x 499mm 170mm          120                                             154

30.9mm x 499mm 170mm          120                                             154

31.6mm x 559mm 200mm          150                                             184

30.9mm x 559mm 200mm          150                                             184

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