FLR F-35 III Road Bike Cycling Shoes - Black


FLR F-35  III - Road Bike Cycling Shoes Upper: Lightweight, synthetic leather with strong ventilated nylon mesh.

Fastener: 3 velcro straps Footbed: Breathable and removable Vented tongue for breathability

Breathable Upper: Large areas of mesh provide fantastic ventilation and breathability Heel Support: Multi-layered heel support for maximum comfort and stability Reflective Inserts: High visibility reflective inserts for safety on the road Sole

Technology: Lightweight, injection fibreglass reinforced sole delivers a stiff, powerful and efficient pedal stroke. Vent port at the front for effective cooling to your feet. Sole is equipped with two non-slip treads for safe walking.

R250 outsole with additional 5mm of cleat adjustability and Look Memory Eyelet.The new injected fibreglass R250 Outsole is designed to have the perfect balance of stiffness, weight and comfort, providing you with great power transfer without compromising blood circulation and is equipped with two non-slip treads for safe walking and a vent port at the front for consistent cooling during your entire ride. Compatible with: 3-bolt Look and SPD-SL clipless pedal systems


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