Mudhugger Medium Rear Mudguard

The Medium Rear Mudhugger mudguard is nearly identical to the Small Rear Fender, but 80mm longer. This longer version is ideal for most 27.5 full-suspension frames. And 29” hardtail bikes.

The rear fender braces are designed to be custom-cut around cable stops/guides and other unique seatstay/swingarm shapes and features. Some frames have assymetrical stays, like found on EVIL bikes, and may not fit or will require extensive customization to fit. 

Kit includes fender, zipties and protective/non-slip heli tape.

Rear Fender Coverage

  • Compatible with 27.5 and 29er wheels, up to 4" wide tyres
  • Approx 640mm long.
  • Approx 100mm wide at the widest part.
  • Braces are approx 140m long.
  • Compatible with our 100mm rear extender!

CALL US BEFORE YOU CUT! Modified fenders are typically non-refundable!

Weight approx 208g exc fittings.



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