Northwave Katana SRS Womens Mountain Bike MTB Shoes


The Northwave Katana SRS Women's MTB Shoes have the Airflow system which helps with ventilation in the shoe. The integrated heel system gives a great fit and the ultralight, aerodynamic ratchet can also be adjusted while riding.

Airflow system implementation = better sole aeration
Ultralight PU - Woman design. Upper construction - Multilayer Thermowelded + Airflow system - Northwave has extended to its entire collection the use of thermowelded unibody uppers. Two main advantages are: - Use of thinner and therefore lighter materials. - Almost complete stitching elimination. The upper results are a more anatomical fitting, in order to better envelope the foot. Thanks to this technology, the upper features larger air vents resulting in improved comfort during pedaling
Footbed - Performance Advanced - Ergonomic design: because you need to keep the perfect position when pedaling and you want comfort too
Jaws carbon reinforced - Made with thermoplastic material enriched with carbon powder and a natural rubber tread for a great lightness and maximum grip, even on the most challenging descents
S.R.S. + 3 Asymmetrical straps. The asymmetrical construction is another innovation of the collection. The central strap is moved to the centre so as to follow the anatomy of the foot and reduce the pressure on the side area. The straps have been lightened by all superfluous elements, presenting thinner thickness and discharged central areas, thereby maintaining maximum grip
Extra Features
Integrated Heel System - The new unibody construction of the uppers allowed to integrate an efficient heel retention system inside the structure, without the need of external elements. The same efficiency reduced weight. Tech - PU Thermo welded reinforcements


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