Shimano Saint SM-BB71-41C Press Fit Bottom Bracket



  • Installation type: Pressfit (41x24 mm)
  • Housing width: 104.5/107 mm / Case diameter: 41 mm

Shimano Saint - Pure Gravity
With its unmatched robustness, stability and ergonomics, Saint gives you full control over your bike. Developed for the passionate downhill racer, Saint allows you to accelerate and slow down to World Championship level. If you want to improve and channel your concentration during extreme downhill rides, these are the right components for you.

Press-Fit BOTTOM Bracket
To meet customer needs in the best possible way, SHIMANO has developed the press-fit bottom bracket, staying focused on Shimanos final goal: total performance in pedaling. The bottom bracket axle is steadily supported by the wide placed bearings on the basis of HOLLOWTECH II technologies providing highly-efficient power transfer.

Perfect balance between stiffness, stability, weight and rotational efficiency.
The concept of HOLLOWTECH II technology was designed to produce an optimised crankset that minimises the amount of power the rider has to apply to the drivetrain. The high stiffness of the crankset ensures the efficiency of power transmission when pedalling, while its low weight takes the strain off the rider, especially on longer journeys. The crankset was developed with an optimal balance between stiffness and light weight in mind. The HOLLOWTECH technology allows for extremely light, hollow crank arms that are manufactured using SHIMANO's exclusive forging technology to achieve maximum stiffness. In addition, the HOLLOWTECH II crankset has the right crank firmly connected to the axle of the bottom bracket, achieving an optimal balance between maximum stiffness and minimum weight. The externally mounted bottom bracket offers better weight distribution and more stability, which ensures more efficient power transmission.

When developing the HOLLOWTECH II crankset, emphasis was placed on achieving an optimal balance between stiffness and rotational efficiency as well as low weight and an attractive appearance.

High-quality precision seals
The HOLLOWTECH II crankset also features high quality precision seals in the bearing area to extend durability and maintain excellent rotational efficiency over time.


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