Supacaz SupaG Long Gloves – Oil Slick Reflective

** A note on fit: The Supacaz SupaG Oil Slick gloves have very tight cuffs. This can make them a bit of a challenge to get on initially but we think they're worth it! **

The Supacaz SupaG Long cycling glove is superlight - and a pinnacle of glove design. The classic Supacaz Oil Slick finish is reflective, making it incredibly eye-catching under bright headlights by night. By day, when it's not reflecting, the oil slick design is subtle and elegant making these, in our opinion, one of the most stylish gloves on the market. This is a great glove for mountain biking, bike packing or even road riding.

Whilst not designed for the coldest or wettest days, this is a glove that is functional in all weather and terrain conditions. The SupaG glove provides exceptional grip, a really comfortable, ergonomic design and aerodynamic fit.

The Clarino palm and conductive index finger and thumb (allowing you to use your phone with your gloves still on) make the SupaG the perfect glove. The SupaG Long features SiliGrip technology maximizing control, handling and grip.


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