WERA Tools 967/9 TX Multicolour HF 1 L-key Set With Holding Function

967/9 TX Multicolour HF 1 L-key Set With Holding Function

High quality L-keys out of stainless steel for hexagonal socket screws by Wera. Stainless steel prevents the transfer of extraneous rust. The Hex-Plus profile offers a greater contact surface in the head of the screw.

The notching effect is therefore reduced to a minimum and damage to the screw head more or less eliminated. Come with hex ballpoint on the long arm: the ballpoint drive profile means that it is possible to swivel the tool axis away from the screwdriving axis, thus enabling “round the corner” screwdriving.

Take it easy Tool Finder: colour coding according to size. In an almost wear-free L-key clip fastener.

  • Solution to the extraneous rust problem: fasten stainless screws with stainless tools
  • Hex-Plus allows socket head screws to live longer
  • Stainless L-keys prevent extraneous rust on stainless screws
  • Take it easy tool finder with colour coding according to sizes
  • Wear-resistant clip material for enhanced durability

Set Contains

1x TX 8x76; 1x TX 9x79; 1x TX 10x85; 1x TX 15x90; 1x TX 20x96; 1x TX 25x104; 1x TX 27x112; 1x TX 30x122; 1x TX 40x132


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