XLC Trekking Womens' Saddle Everyday III SA-E17

Upgrade your bike with this stylish XLC Trekking Saddle Everyday III SA-E17. A weighty steel frame construction makes for a strong foundation, so you can be sure your saddle won’t budge, and a scale is attached to the base to ensure greater accuracy when adjusting the seating position. An XLC D2 base provides optimum comfort – the rubber inserts and padding are strategically placed to support all the pressure points specific to male cyclists and to alleviate spinal pressure. The inserts are also designed to absorb shock and to reduce vibration. The distribution of the padding is designed for a 60-degree seated position, typical of city and trekking bikes. The saddle cover features a reflective logo to boost your visibility in low light and the fabric can be washed and dried without damage.


  • stylish trekking saddle for men
  • riding position: leisure
  • D2 Base: shock-absorbent rubber inlets in saddle shell
  • saddle frame made of steel with scale
  • reflective logo

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